Special Services Programs at Sangamon School

The Mahomet-Seymour School District is proud of our teachers, not only those in the regular classroom, but also those who teach in our Special Services Programs:  Special Education, Remedial Reading and Speech/Language.

Students who are experiencing learning difficulties are sometimes referred to our school psychologist for testing.  Before this testing can occur, a parent consent form must be signed by the student's parent and returned to school.  The specialists conducting the testing will compile results, meet with the parents and staff, and make recommendations to help the student meet with more success at school.

Title I Reading and Reading Recovery are programs designed to assist those students who are experiencing difficulty in reading.  It is important to note that these programs are in addition to the regular classroom reading program.  As the year progresses, each student in these remedial reading programs is continually assessed.  Whenever a student demonstrates sufficient mastery of necessary reading fundamentals, he/she is dismissed from the program.  Progress in the classroom continues to be monitored and additional aid is offered if it is deemed necessary.

Speech and Language therapy is offered to those students who are experiencing difficulty pronouncing certain sounds and/or who are having problems with listening and speaking skills.  Students can be referred by the classroom teacher, parent, or physical for a speech/language screening.  Parents are contacted for permission to evaluate a child if deemed necessary.  If a speech/language impairment that has an adverse impact on the student's educational performance is identified, then the child is enrolled into a speech.language program.  Just as in the other programs, parents are kept informed and the student is dismissed from the program when suitable mastery is displayed.