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Language Arts - English III Honors


English III Honors

Students will acquire a deeper understanding of the forms and themes of American literature and the historical activity that influenced written works during each era studied.


Students will apply advanced critical analysis skills to works of greater difficulty in content/structure/form.


Students will read a recognized classic American novel and complete a critical analysis.


Students learn about different writing modes and complete writing assignments using these different modes: narrative, persuasive, expository (including cause/effect, problem/solution, etc), a literary analysis, and the college application essay.


These modes are studied in more depth than in standard English III sections. The course proceeds more quickly through the writing units, and papers are typically longer.


Grammar study assumes students have a working knowledge base in parts of speech and sentences and moves to the study of more complex constructions based on phrases and clauses.


Students complete a source-based paper of 4-6 pages, minimum, using MLA format to document all sources.